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Before I started working at M&B, if asked I would have said that M&B sold doors and door hardware. But I had no idea of the vast array of products and solutions that we actually stock, source and manufacture. At over 13,000 product lines and a steady stream of suppliers coming through the doors with new products and innovations, it can be hard to keep up.

It is not just our suppliers that offer innovation. With a very experienced team, many of which have been working at M&B for decades, we are constantly listening to what our clients and the market are looking for and coming up with new products or product improvements to give our clients greater choice, provide cost effective alternatives, better ways of installing or better product performance. The purpose of this blog is to keep you abreast of new products, new applications for existing products and also newsworthy projects. So if you know of a project that you think deserves recognition please let me know!

Not Another Boring Door

We open and shut them every day. A functional necessity but doors don’t have to be boring. From a simple routed design, a two toned paint effect, translucent or opaque glass, satin chrome, matt black or bright coloured powder-coated door pulls, choice of timbers and veneers, stone inlays, the options are endless. In particular, with the growing trend for apartment living, installing something different from the stock standard flush panel door, is an inexpensive way of creating a point of difference and adding style and personality to a small space.

The Solution Purveyor

Recently M&B held an in-house door design competition. The brief was to come up with a new contemporary design that was simple and sophisticated but also cost effective, so that the average homeowner could afford to upgrade from a flush panel door. Scott Mills, who has been with M&B for 23 years, was one of the winners of the competition, with his ‘Lathlain’ design. Scott’s inspiration was to create a door that worked in harmony with a number of existing designer entrance doors; Surian Cedar Sabu, Corinthian Lumina and Humes Illusion range of doors. This allows the interior doors to echo the same aesthetic as the front door and create a harmonious flow throughout the home.

Corinthian lumina, lathlain, surian cedar sabu

Oak-shaker Range of internal doorsThis is not Scott’s first attempt at door design. He also recently developed the Oak-shaker Range of internal doors in response to the market looking for American White Oak doors that would co-ordinate with the growing trend for oak flooring and furniture. The Oak-shakers feature “Square Line’ glass installation and without the application of traditional beading around the glass, a highly desirable clean modern look is achieved. With solid engineered construction and timeless good looks, the door still remains cost effective as it is a fully imported product.
But for those looking for something unique, M&B can cater to that as well. With WA’s biggest joinery we custom make doors, like this surfboard door, or giant doors for churches, and a spectacular range of wide bi-fold alfresco doors Have you seen a door you liked in the South of France while on holiday? Take a photo or give us a sketch, we can make your fantasy a reality.

Solution Purveyor

Stay tuned for your next installment of the Solution Purveyor. Next time we will be looking at cladding trends.

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