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We supply quality stains and coatings for that perfect finish.

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Exterior Timber Stains
Interior Timber Stains


Exterior Timber Stains
Interior Timber Stains

Scorching, Priming and Coating Service

M&B offers a timber priming and coating service through our Vacuum Coater and UV drying line. We can also scorch timber to achieve the Shou Sugi Ban charred timber look.
M&B also has advanced timber production and profiling facilities.

Pre-coating Deckings, Claddings, Linings and Screenings in a factory environment is an infinitely superior process to any form of application on-site. M&B has recently installed a Vacuum Coating Machine and Drier and is proud to offer a remarkable addition to their service offering. Vacuum coating provides for a 100% coverage over the entire surface area and is especially suited to profiles with complex detailing. M&B is able to coat any profile up to 200mm (width) x 100mm (thickness).

In addition to the vacuum coating machine M&B has also invested in a scorching/charring machine that can produce the centuries old Japanese technique of “Shou-Sugi-Ban” – charring planks – for use in residential cladding and lining projects