Particleboard is available in the following thicknesses:

Thin 9 & 12mm
Medium 16 & 18mm
Thick 25 & 33mm
M&B is a major supplier of Panel and Plywood products to the Perth and regional WA building and construction industry.

Particleboard is made up of three layers of wood particles. The middle layer consists of larger wood chips and the two outer surfaces comprises of finer wood particles. The wood particles are pressed together and bonded with resin creating either a Standard or Moisture Resistant glue line. Once pressed the particleboard is mill sanded resulting with a compact wood panel which can be easily machined ready for use or finishing with factory decretive foils or timber veneers.

Particleboard is a non-structural wood based panel suitable for interior applications including joinery, furniture, built–in furniture, shelves and cupboards where the product will not be subject to high humidity.