Merbau is a popular timber decking with a consistent pale to dark reddish brown colour which turns a darker brown as it ages. One of the most durable decking timbers with a Durability Class 2 rating it is highly resistant to decay when exposed to the elements. With its high density it also carries a high fire rating (Can be rated up to BAL 29). Merbau decking has high levels of natural oil, which aids its life expectancy along with regular maintenance.

  • Fire retardant timber – preferred timber in Bush Fire Attack areas (Can be rated up to BAL 29)
  • Very durable
  • Suitable for exposed areas when properly maintained
  • Suitable for use around pools and spas – beware of tannin bleed in these applications
  • Good colour restoration after oiling
  • Sizes – 90mm x 19mm – random lengths / 140mm x 19mm – random lengths
  • In addition to timber decking and screens, Merbau can also be used in the construction of outdoor steps posts and balustrades
  • Low moisture uptake
  • Minimal expansion compared to other timbers
  • Resistant to splintering
  • Highly resistant to termites
  • Durability Class 2