MDF is available in the following thicknesses:

Thin: 3.0 / 4.75 / 6 & 9mm
Medium: 12 / 16 & 18mm
Thick: 25 & 32mm
M&B is a major supplier of Panel and Plywood products to the Perth and regional WA building and construction industry.

MDF is made from pine timber which is shredded down into tiny wood fibres. These wood fibres are mixed with resins and then pressed together forming a Medium Density Fibreboard commonly known as MDF. MDF can be manufactured with either a standard or MR Glue line.

MDF is to be used in non-structural applications and should not be exposed to damp conditions or high humidity due to expansion and contraction of the board.

MDF is ideal for interior applications and has excellent machining and routing properties. MDF is commonly used in detailed joinery, lacquered furniture, furniture mouldings, skirtings and architraves, built–in furniture, shelves, wall linings and partitions. MDF is also the perfect substrate or laminating and veneering.

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