M&B D-Stacker Internal Sliding Doors

Sliding or stacker doors can be used in alfresco areas or internally to change the way you use your living spaces – get stackers and internal sliding doors in Perth and WA from M&B. The M&B aluminium stacker is the natural choice where wide opening internal sliding doors are required.

Stacker sliding doors open approximately ‘two-thirds’ of their width compared to standard sliding doors which open to less than half their width. The two sliding panels which slide in the same direction stack behind the third fixed panel.

Available as either a three-panel unit, with two stacking panels, or as a six panel unit, providing an expansive opening, with two panels moving towards one jamb and two towards the other.


An optional sliding flyscreen system can be fitted to the front of the glass doors.

Internal sliding doors such as cavity units can change the way you use your internal spaces and can be hidden away in your wall cavity.