Imprint Acoustics


Laminate: Imprint Acoustics offers a smorgasbord of laminate solid and creative colour options for your panels to achieve a wide range of desired finishes.
Natural: Imprint Acoustics natural finishes utilise the true grain of our plywood substrates to provide your indoor environment the aesthetic look of nature itself
Polyurethane: Available in a range of diverse high-quality colour finishes, when you want your indoor environment to shine
Veneer: Imprint Acoustics veneer utilises the latest international technology to provide high quality veneer & manufactured veneer alternatives to provide authentic finishes and looks
Custom Colouring : Your imagination is the only limit to our custom colour finishes. Plain coloured, textured, dynamic, our sister brand Imprint Street will take your idea and furnish your design on any Acoustic Wall or Ceiling product. Whether it be a company logo, work of art or a photograph, any acoustic wall or ceiling panel can have its surface finished with your creation.

Imprint Acoustics is a division of the GDK Group.

The GDK Group is a manufacturer of acoustic paneling, timber wall and ceiling panels & customised design finishes based in Sydney, Australia. With 30 years experience, GDK manufactures, delivers and installs joinery and architectural components products nationwide.

Imprint Acoustics panels enhance the interior through effective sound management with an extensive range of finishes available. And now we have new designs from the Australian Aboriginal Art initiative – Jumbana . . . . see the last six designs below

Wall Panel Application
  • Compliments the built environment through clean lines and aesthetic finishes available in a range of colours including customised finishes, shapes and orientations.
  • Through our advanced manufacturing processes, we design installation solutions for each product to ensure that final site installation is simple and efficient, helping reduce site costs.
Ceiling Panel Application
  • Compliments the built environment through clean lines and aesthetic finishes that brighten and ‘open up’ the indoor space
  • Easy installation method which provides considerable site installation cost savings
Ceiling Tile Application
  • Manufactured to suit existing grid system with options to allow for customised service cutouts, you can now have dynamic solutions that surpass design and build limitations
  • Individual CAD drawings and detailing for each product
  • Current certified acoustic performance data from industry leading acoustic engineers
  • Worldwide warranty
  • Global servicing and technical assistance
  • Order tracking
  • Referencing of your individual designs for future usage.
  • Range and expertise to suit any budget
  • Manufactured in Australia to the highest international standards
  • Minimal lead times and site work required, contributing to consistent and economical returns for your project
  • Design flexibility and range offering maximum acoustic and finish options
  • Custom sizes additional to the standard ranges furthering the design potential
  • Environmentally certified
  • Ease of cleaning and on-going maintenance.