eJarrah Decking

Coating & Treatments

eJarrah is manufactured from sustainably harvested PEFC* Jarrah timber, these engineered, finger jointed boards are available set lengths of 2.7m and 5.4m which reduces installation time for the DIY enthusiast or Tradesman due to there being less joins, reduced thus reducing costs. All boards are Standard & Better grade. With a natural resistance to rot, termites and extreme weather conditions, its unique colour range (from a light red or brown, to a darker, richer red or brown), its strength and durability, eJarrah is an excellent choice for exterior projects.

All our eJarrah products come pre-oiled with a water based exterior oil. This further saves cost (in terms of time) and guarantees an even coating overall which is necessary for timber to perform at its best in an outdoor environment. In addition to our eJarrah boards being pre-oiled, M&B is also able to offer a coating service to provide our customers with a choice of various superior quality, factory applied, colour stains/tints. Please Note: Colours are subject to minimum order quantities. We have many colour options available, please enquire about our extensive range of coatings and timber treatments.

The adhesive for the join is environmentally friendly (MSDS/LINK) and bonds the timber seamlessly with a neat line as opposed to the conventional 4 screws required when site fixing. Another exceptional benefit of this process is a significant reduction in tension along the length of a solid board which improves stability and reduces movement within your board through the change of seasons. eJarrah can be machined or turned and also accepts oil, stain and polish well and with its high density is also relatively resistant to fire and can achieve a BAL19 rating.

M&B’s innovative “WATERSHED” decking profile is manufactured from sustainably harvested PEFC* Jarrah timber. These engineered, finger jointed decking boards are available in two widths – 90mm and 135mm. With set lengths of 2.7m and 5.4m installation time for the DIY enthusiast or Tradesman is reduced thus reducing costs. All boards are Standard & Better grade and an increased thickness to the European standard of 21mm, improves their strength and longevity.

The Watershed profile features a slight convex camber on the decking board face which naturally sheds excess water reducing unsightly pooling and the potential to slip on your deck. This assists stability, minimizes cupping and increases the potential life of the timber. The underside of the decking board has a recess to facilitate airflow between the decking board and joist to minimize trapped moisture and further reduce the risk of timber degradation.

  • Manufactured from sustainably sourced Jarrah
  • Set lengths available: 2.7m and 5.4m
  • Up to 5400mm lengths which means less joining
  • Various widths and profiles available
  • Pre-oiled
  • Decking Profile allows deck to shed surface water naturally
  • Environmentally friendly adhesive on finger joins

In addition to timber decking, cladding and screens, eJarrah can also be used in heavy engineering projects, as well as structure and infrastructure applications, including the construction of general house framing, decking, flooring, linings, joinery and fencing.

  • Can be stained oiled and polished
  • Stands up to fully exposed applications
  • Termite resistant
  • Durability and strength