Fire Doors


M&B offer a complete service for the supply of fire doors Perth for your commercial projects. Fire doors can be supplied with a 1hr, 2hr, 3hr or 4hr Fire Resistant Level (FRL) rating. We have the ability to route fire doors and make cut-outs for fire seals, air vents, vision panels and intumescent air grills.

All fire doors are supplied with tags. Fire rated doors will only be certified fire rated when they are installed correctly, incorporate approved hardware, are self-closing, self-latching and fitted into a tested and approved wall system. .

In addition to supplying fire doors, M&B have the resources to produce a hardware schedule for your commercial project including the specification of appropriate fire rated hardware to match fire doors.

Our service will ensure all product supplied to site will achieve compliance. Call and ask for our commercial department on 08 9473 5100 or email your request for quote to Please include in your email a full set of drawings including door schedules, floor plans, specifications, mechanical drawings (i.e for air grills and undercuts on doors) and hardware schedule if available.


Cavity sliding doors

Compared to conventional hinged doors, cavity sliding doors or sliding pocket doors offer a versatile way of saving space in your home or apartment.

With a hinged door you lose space. A cavity sliding unit can free up more than 8% of ‘dead’ space in an average home. Cavity sliding doors are ideal for apartments, bathrooms, ensuits or wherever you need space and privacy between living areas.

cavity slider perth comparison with hinged doors


Non-Fire Rated Commercial Doors

These doors are often standard internal and entry doors used in residential, high rise developments, however specifications can vary. We can look over the specifications for your project and quote the appropriate doors.

Typical specifications require doors to have edge strips. Besides government buildings, these specifications are old and outdated and you get a better finish WITHOUT  edge strips. The below picture shows an edge strip on a door and the join between the door and the edge strip can result in a paint line around the perimeter of the door. In addition, edge strips are of a different material and are harder to finish consistent with the faces of the door.  In addition, doors with edge strips required the door to be manufactured to a custom size which makes them more expensive.

Edge Strips to Duracote Door Perth

Sometimes, edge strips are required on doors such as 40mm thick plywood lined doors. This is to protect the edge of the ply.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you balance costs against meeting your project specification.


Metal Clad doors

Metal Clad doors are solid core doors with metal sheet on both sides and metal capping. The metal sheet and capping used in these metal clad doors can be Colourbond, PGI or Zincalume. Typical sheet thicknesses are 0.6mm and 1mm, however thicker sheets are available.

M&B are a wholesaler of custom metal encapsulated doors. These are metal doors with rounded, returned edges – no capping and no sharp edges. – where the sheets are cleated (folded to form a seam. These doors often have foam cores, making them lighter and easier to install.