Accoya® wood is a high performance wood. Created from sustainably-sourced wood, Accoya® undergoes a proprietary, acetylation process that permanently modifies the wood to the core without adding any substances to the wood not already present – so its totally non-toxic.

The result: an environmentally friendly, solid wood with durability, dimensional stability and beauty that matches or exceeds even the best tropical hardwood.

Accoya® wood is sourced from sustainable sources, including FSC and has class leading environmental credentials such as Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certification by the highly prestigious McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) organization.

Accoya Feb16

Accoya® wood is perfect for demanding applications such as windows and doors, where it is important that tolerances are tight yet regardless of the conditions, they open year round. Accoya® is perfect for siding where wood’s natural beauty is desired, but sustainability and high performance are of the utmost importance. In decking, where it is important that boards do not warp, twist, bow split, Accoya® is up to the challenge. You can leave it unstained to age ‘grey’ naturally without deterioration, or use a penetrating stain in many colours and finishes . . . all without voiding the incredible 50 year ‘above ground’ or 25 year ‘in ground’ / (or fresh water) warranty.

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