Zanda Collection

Zanda Collection


M&B works closely with Zanda, an architectural hardware manufacturer that is specialized in providing you with the highest quality of door hardware on the market. In collaboration with Zanda, M&B will help you decorate and customize your house the way you dream it. Zanda has a wide range of products that provide diversity, innovation and quality and is suitable for a wide range of clientielle. Whether you have a small or large budget or a particular taste, M&B has got you covered.

Thanks to its ability and expertise, Zanda allows you to continually improve the interior and architectural design of your home. No matter what type of architectural design you need, Zanda will bring you the highest standard and access to numerous exclusives. Whether you need customization, finishes as well as numerous other helpful tips of items, Zanda will help you!

Zanda brings only high quality products that come with a guarantee of great service. The company always exceeds customer expectations and it brings a great taste as well as stunning results. Zanda manages to change the architectural design of the home by offering cabinet handles, door closers, accessories, door furniture and many other items.

The Zanda range brings a modern touch to your home, allowing you to customize its appearance in any way you see fit. The Zanda range and the M&B expertise and customer care will ensure you get the home design of your dreams. Choose to work with us and see how good our products and customer service can really be!



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