Gainsborough Collection

Gainsborough Collection

gainsborough-logoGainsborough’s Collection series is one of Australia’s biggest selling door hardware range. All Gainsborough products are easy to install, which makes it an ideal solution for anyone looking for excellence and reliability.

Gainsborough has expanded its product base as time has passed, and now they are offering passage sets, key locks and other accessories that will help any builders and renovators get the best results in their projects. Gainsborough is known for having reliable products and providing impressive results, some that will last for a long time. The company also offers mortise locks, door closers, exit devices, knobs and numerous other items that might be necessary to include within a home design. Gainsborough hardware will help you create a different, more appealing architecture for your home.

Gainsborough is committed to provide the best techniques and highest quality, as well as a stream of innovative products on the market. The winner of the Australian Design Mark Award, Gainsborough is highly renowned in Australia for bringing a constant stream of solutions on the market. Gainsborough has recently acquired Austral Lock Industries, and this helps them create an even better security for their hardware products. Be it commercial or retail consumers, Gainsborough will help them all, thanks to their innovative, patented products. If you are looking for durable and cleverly designed hardware, Gainsborough is here to help you!

M&B and Gainsborough have successfully cooperated for years now and we offer you access to some of their exquisite collections such as the G+ collection, architecture collection as well as the home collection. If you are planning for a great home with a superb decorative system and added security, then you should contact us and, through our partnership with Gainsborough, we will provide you with that and much more.