INEX Weatherboard & Render Board

INEX Weatherboard & Render Board

cladding INEX-WEATHERBOARDThe long edges of INEX>WEATHERBOARD are precisely profiled to allow for easy installation and accurate overlaps, thus resulting in stunningly sharp horizontal lines that appeal to many designers.

INEX>WEATHERBOARD has a tongue and groove joint down each short end for a flush tight fit and off stud jointing. The SMOOTH FINISH of INEX>WEATHERBOARD is an ideal surface for multiple paint applications.

The ROUGH SAWN FINISH of INEX>WEATHERBOARD provides a superb linear textured surface for designers wishing to attain a timber-grain weatherboard look.

INEX>WEATHERBOARD can be cut and worked just like other comparable fibre cement weatherboard, but offers improved bending strength characteristics and finish quality. INEX>WEATHERBOARD can be fixed to timber or steel studs with spacing at maximum 600mm centres.

INEX>WEATHERBOARD is non-combustible. It is approved for bushfire BAL-FZ** construction and is certified to Fire Resistance Level FRL 60/60/60.

INEX>WEATHERBOARD’s acoustic qualities offer enhanced impact sound damping when used by itself or used in wall systems.

INEX>WEATHERBOARD is an advanced high strength, low carbon fibre reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) product, containing 60% of post industrial recycled materials. It is toxin free and is 100% recyclable.

INEX>WEATHERBOARD is priced for value for the construction industry and competes strongly against comparable products.