THERMORY® offers the best of real wood. Products that are beautiful, durable, functional and environmentally sound.
Thermal modification greatly improves the properties of real wood including higher dimensional stability which means it is less likely to warp, bow, cup, twist or shrink. It is easy on tooling, has a lighter weight, machines beautifully and has a low thermal conductivity making THERMORY® an excellent choice for external applications.

Thermory Cladding

THERMORY® Collection offers cladding for exterior use and paneling for interior use. M&B offers several elegant profiles providing the basis for an impressive range of possibilities and unique creations. Whether installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation, every application of THERMORY® cladding is unique and beautiful.

Thermory Decking

The computer controlled thermal modification process uses Intense heat (peak temperature 215ºC) and steam (no chemicals), which produces an environmentally friendly alternative to both tropical hardwoods and impregnated wood. Thermal modification significantly improves the durability of THERMORY® decking boards and resistance to mould and rot. Available in 3.6m and 4.8m lengths, THERMORY® decking is installed using the strip clip – an innovative, invisible fastening solution designed for quick and easy installations, boards can be pressed and clicked into place with ease!

To preserve and protect the integrity of Thermory products and make sure all surfaces are completely coated,
M&B pre-oils the timber with WOCA Natural Exterior Oil. For a coloured option the first coat is factory applied, whilst the second coat needs to be applied on site. Thermory Pine is a light golden color and will naturally age to a platinum grey. Whilst variations in color are natural, we supply two grades: Natural – With a more knotty and grainy feature and
Clear – Less knotty and grainy. Thermory Pine has Durability Class 2.


• Residential applications

• Commercial applications

• Hospitality sector

• Retail & shopping centres

• Internal or external


• Extremely durable

• Natural timber

• Rich golden colour

• Environmentally friendly product

• Acoustic and thermal benefits

• Horizontally or vertical orientation

• Suitable for coastal areas

• Variety of lengths available