Structural Brace Ply AS2269

iStock_000004811040_SmallBracing ply is structural plywood suitable for bracing wall and roofing applications.  The purpose of the bracing ply when used with light weight timber framing is to provide a bracing system that provides resistance to buildings against wind and earth quake loadings.


 Manufacturing Standard AS/NZS 2269
 Veneer Grades

Bracing plywood is available in both a softwood or hardwood sheets with a structural rating ranging from F8 to F22. The plywood can be supplied treated or untreated and comes with an “A” Bond glueline.

When using bracing plywood it is important that the Bracing Ply is fixed in accordance to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) AS 1684 – Residential Timber Framing Construction Code and the correct stress grade is used.


  • Easy to nail and fix
  • Light weight for handling
  • Easy to cut and work with
  • Quick to install with minimum effort
  • Tough, can resist harsh weather conditions through the building phase