Particleboard Flooring

Particleboard flooringParticleboard flooring is used in interior flooring applications in both residential and commercial projects and must be installed as per the requirements of AS1860 (Installation of Particleboard Flooring).
It can be used for a variety of framed building constructions including fitted floor, upper storey and platform construction as it provides major cost savings through its economy and through lighter construction allowing reduced foundation cost. Installation times are reduced since dry trades only are involved.

Particleboard Flooring is capable of withstanding general weathering for up to 3 months through the construction phase and it is recommended where possible to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and cyclic soaking rain as these conditions may alter the moisture gradient of the flooring and may cause dimensional change. The sheets are tongue and grooved and have a plastic tongue and the edges are coated with a wax edge seal to help minimise moisture up take.

Particleboard Flooring is available in both a Standard (non-termite treated) and Termite Treated options. It is available in a 19mm and 22mm thickness for residential applications and 25mm for commercial applications.

Sheet Dimensions Maximum Joist Spacing’s
3600 x 900 x 19mm .450mm
3600 x 1200 x 19mm .450mm
3600 x 900 x 22mm .600mm
3600 x 1200 x 22mm .600mm
3600 x 600 x 25mm .600mm