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M&B Sales have the largest range in doors, decks and alfresco in Western Australia and can cater for any budget. Through experienced staff, who enjoy working with our clients, M&B Sales deliver value for money solutions that are usually better than what our customers could have thought of for themselves.

Hume Doors & Timber is one of the biggest manufacturers of timber doors that can be found in Australia. The company has grown exponentially as time has passed, and since its inception more than 60 years ago, Hume innovated and improved the way doors are created in the Australian continent.

Hume bifold closedAlthough the company started with simple doors, Hume expanded exponentially and now it has become one of the largest manufacturers of everything from interior doors to entrance doors, flush doors and more. The product range offered by Hume is impressive, a testament of their longtime history and commitment to delivering the highest quality products that can be found right now on the market.

Throughout the years, Hume Doors have pinpointed the direction when it comes to selecting the door design. Not only that, but the company has always used the latest technological advancements in order to bring high quality products that impress with their enticing visuals and increased durability when compared to the similar products offered on the market.

Hume is environmentally responsible, sourcing all the raw materials used in the door creation process from renewable resources, preserving the environment and ensuring that current as well as future generations will be able to enjoy the high quality doors that the manufacturer offers for years to come.

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Bifold | Interior | Entrance Doors


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Timber/Stained Grade


Various sizes


None | BAL 12.5 | BAL 40

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