What is EMS?

EMS refers to Elements Meeting Stile – otherwise known as Mushroom Stops, which is a small “T” shaped fixing for sealing double entrance or internal doors.
EMS is the preferred alternative to rebating double doors as it is easier and cheaper than a rebate kit. An EMS can be attached to the edge of one door running the length of the stile to create a neat join between double doors.

Aluminium EMS 21 and EMS 24

  • EMS 21 and EMS 24 have been specifically designed to meet common problems associated with double doors
  • Low profile to reduce door trimming required
  • Available in Satin Silver to match Satin Stainless Steel door hardware, and White which can be painted as required
  • Designed to centre the handle on both doors
  • Available in 2100mm and 2400mm heights
  • Pre-drilled holes for fixing with screws
  • Fitted rubber seal for weather protection
  • An EMS 21 or EMS 24 can be fitted to both sides of the doors in severe weather effected areas to protect against wind, rain and dust

Timber EMS

  • Timber EMS for use on timber doors
  • Meranti: 2400 x 40mm
  • Merbau: 2400 x 40mm
  • Pre-primed: 2100 x 40mm
  • Surian Cedar: 2400 x 40mm
  • Surian Cedar Deco: 2100 or 2400 x 40mm – Suitable for 2040/2280 x 40mm doors

Aluminium EMS

  • RP16si: 2250 or 2500 x 12mm – Available Silver (anodised)
  • RP16si Pre-primed (white): 2250 x 12mm
  • Integrated weatherseal

Fixing Guide – Timber EMS

Timber Fixing Method:
Run a thin bead of PVA glue the entire length of Mushroom Stop.
Starting 50mm from the top, nail every 200mm in a zig zag style with 30mm panel pins.

Elements Meeting Stile


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