M&B Alfresco Timber BiFold


Stylish Timber Bifolds
The M&B Alfresco folding timber door system allows you to open up your entertaining areas and delivers the reality of a fully weatherproof system that can be completely folded providing unrestricted access and visibility.Designed to be user friendly with effortless fingertip operation, the M&B Alfresco system provides solutions that allow you to transform your living areas into one continuous entertainment area in no time at all.

The M&B timber Alfresco folding door is available in quality solid Jarrah, Cedar or Meranti timber.
Door componentry meets Australian standards ensuring that the system can be used externally, with confidence.
An optional retractable flyscreen can be fitted up to four metres wide.

Timber BifoldsFlexibility is the Key
Available outward folding and with a choice of several door styles, the M&B Alfresco system not only suits the residential situation, but is also ideal for commercial use in cafés, restaurants and hotels. It may be used internally to separate areas where an unsightly solid partition is unsuitable.

Access in or out is made simple when the M&B Alfresco door system is closed. Single door or pairs of doors can be located at one end or in the centre of a section of doors, enabling the door to be used as a normal door.

Security locks on timberSecurity Built In
Easy to operate, the security of the M&B Alfresco folding door system is enhanced by the option of key locking and flush fitting foot bolts in a variety of finishes to suit a range of décors.

Door panels are glazed with a single piece of 6.38mm laminated glass providing strength and extra protection from the elements. A range of tinted, laminated glass is also available to suit individual requirements.

Weather Sealing
The M&B Timber Alfresco folding door system is specifically designed to be used in external applications. It utilises the centre eclipse door hardware system for timber bifolds, which has been tested in accordance with A.S.2047 by an N.A.T.A. accredited laboratory. It successfully meets the maximum 450Pa water rating and 11/sec Commercial air-conditioning air rating