eJarrah-logoThe eJarrah range consists of structural and decorative engineered timber products.

eJarrah engineered hardwood timber features unique qualities, superior appearance, ease and flexibility of installation, versatility and a wide range of finishes.

eJarrah products are stable and have a beautiful smooth finish which is the result of the quality manufacturing process and precision machining. eJarrah engineered timber products are designed for those looking for an innovative, environmentally sound timber options.

Engineered to perfection

eJarrah is an engineered, precision machined hardwood timber product manufactured with a Class A adhesion join, providing superior strength and stability. eJarrah is available in the following product ranges:


Key Features

  • Premium decking of consistent quality
  • Available for secret fixing – using SOLA CLIP and top fixing profiles
  • Engineered precision machined to give strength and stability
  • Pre-oiled to minimise moisture uptake prior to installation
  • Termite resistant
  • Environmentally sustainable timber made from value adding shorts – AFS certified
  • Manufactured by M&B sister company Nannup Timber Processing (NTP)

Fixing & Maintenance

  • Requires ongoing maintenance and oiling depending on level of exposure – not recommended for use in exposed areas
  • Requires adequate ventilation, ground clearance (min 300mm) and drainage
  • Top fixing should use quality decking screws (65mm – 10-12 gauge) – M&B does not recommend nails
  • Sizes:
    65mm x 20mm x 3.6m (PR4E only)
    65mm x 20mm x 4.5m (PR4E only)
    85mm x 20mm x 3.6m
    85mm x 20mm x 4.5m