We carry a range of exclusive doors designed and built here in WA. We also sell custom made doors, ordered and built to suit your requirements

M&B Elements Range

The range of ELEMENTS doors from M&B offers a solution for doors in exposed positions. These doors can withstand direct rain and sun and remain a long-lasting solution in your home. Constructed of a fiberglass layer, a PVC coating around the edge, the ELEMENTS doors have a light-weight, high-density two-pack polyurethane core. This foam core is stronger than typical solid core doors and has greater acoustic and thermal benefits,  providing excellent resistance to noise and temperatures.


ELEMENTS fiberglass doors CANNOT be rebated. Double doors require an Elements Meeting Stile (EMS). The EMS is fixed in the gap between the doors to prevent the ingress of water and wind. This slimline ‘T’ shaped fixing attaches to the leading edge of one door and makes contact with the second door when in a closed position. EMS is available in satin silver and can be painted to match the same colour as the door. The fixing leg of the EMS can be checked out around hardware to allow for locks and latches.

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M&B Vision Range

M&B’s Vision timber joinery range will undeniably create an individual statement and enhance the look of any home.
The Vision range is based on a classic French door design, so versatile that it can fit anywhere. The natural colour variations within Meranti timber is normal and one of its most appealing attributes. Our range of Vision doors are solid construction doors manufactured with engineered timber stiles, making them highly durable & extremely stable – particularly suitable for Australia’s hot & humid climate*. Also available is our Pre-Primed internal range, perfect for design continuity throughout the home.

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M&B Designer Range

The Designer Entrance Doors feature stylish modern or traditional routed designs. The routing design is to the external face only with the internal face of the door showing a flush finish panel. Every style of Designer entrance door has a solid core, joinery stiles and rails, and a thick 6mm skin for superior strength, longevity, and soundproofing.

The M&B range of contemporary and stylish internal DESIGNER doors are
hollow core and patterned on both sides using a modern or classic routed
design. All internal DESIGNER doors come pre-primed ready for painting.
These doors can also be manufactured as a sliding door with a grooved
bottom rail.

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M&B Barn Doors

M&B offers our beautiful timber ‘Barn’ style doors in a Raw Mindi or Primed MDF finish and you can choose from five different patterns. These finishes allow you to be creative either by using various stains to colour the raw Mindi, or painting the primed MDF in white or a bold splash of colour to showcase your design flair. Add your own ‘texture’ or ‘style effect’ to match a range of industrial look exposed sliding door rails in square and round bars in matt black or stainless steel. The sliding door system, depending on brand and style, can hold doors up to 150kg. Add pull handles or flush pulls to complete your favourite look – Farmhouse, Colonial, Scandinavian or Industrial. So don’t just think of barn doors to close-off the family room … they are a clever way to hide the home entertainment system, create a rustic bed head, internal shutters to keep out the light in a theatre or to hide the bookshelves. The only limitation is your imagination.

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Accoya Joinery Doors

M&B are pleased to announce the release of Accoya® Timber Joinery Doors and Door Frames. Accoya® wood is the result of decades of research and development combining the proven wood modification technique acetylation with leading-edge technology to create a high performance wood, ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications. Our doors are made from 100% solid Accoya®, manufactured to the highest standards to ensure long lasting joinery.
With a 50 year above and 25 year in ground warranty, Accoya® Wood’s outstanding durability matches or exceeds those of the best tropical hardwoods. Manufactured from sustainable sources, Accoya® is non-toxic, dimensionally stable, indigestible to termites, perfect for coating, has retained strength, hardness and natural beauty and can be used for anything from windows to doors, decking to cladding, bridges to boats. Accoya® – the future of wood.

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M&B Enduro Door System

M&B PREHUNG ENDURO DOOR SYSTEM – manufactured from high quality galvanised steel for optimum performance. The Enduro door and frame is fully powder coated. Designed for transportable homes, mining camps and container conversions – offering a ‘cost effective’ door system.


  • Cost Saving: Pre-hung system: less onsite labour costs. Door and frame fully power coated. The door frame has 40 pre-drilled holes for screws.
  • Manufactured: 0.6mm high quality galvanised steel sheet – door leaf. 1.5mm high quality galvanised steel sheet – door frame.
  • Powder coatedElectrostatic powder coated stipple finish with a fully wrapped plastic film for superior protection. Various colour options available [on request].
  • Multi Functional: Fully reversible for left hand & right hand applications.
  • Energy Efficient: PU foam injected.
  • Strength: The door features an engineered internal frame to provide additional strength.
  • Sill: The sill is designed to ensure a tight seal between the door and frame, whilst also allowing for easy wheel chair access.
  • Seal: High quality black rubber seal fitted to external frame; protection from wind, noise, water and dust.
  • Timber Blocking: 200mm x 100mm LVL fixing blocks to top & bottom of doors to allow for installation of door closer. 300 x 130mm LVL lock block to allow for fitting of door hardware.
  • Lock Hole: Pre-drilled 54mm diameter hole to suit standard hardware. Latch hole pre-drilled 25mm to take 60mm latch.
  • Hinges: 3 x 304 stainless steel hinges with security function [anti theft].
  • Recessed Latch/Striker Plate: Both latch & striker plates recessed into door and frame with pre-drilled holes for screws. This ensures a neat flush finish.
  • Warranty: 12 month manufacturers warranty.
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Premium Sliding Track Door System

Our New Premium 125 Invisible sliding system is the perfect way to add a contemporary look and feel into your home. Once installed, your doors will glide seamlessly on our premium aluminium track system.
New track has a soft close and soft open suspensions sliding track system has been reinforced with larger bearings, hinges, pivots and more! The two fixed spring system can withstand up to 80 Kg door weight, and up to 1200 mm wide

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