Veneer Board



M&B is a major supplier of Panel and Plywood products to the Perth and regional WA building and construction industry.

Particleboard is made up of three layers of wood particles. The middle layer consists of larger wood chips and the two outer surfaces comprises of finer wood particles. The wood particles are pressed together and bonded with resin creating either a Standard or Moisture Resistant glue line. Once pressed the particleboard is mill sanded resulting with a compact wood panel which can be easily machined ready for use or finishing with factory decretive foils or timber veneers.

Particleboard is a non-structural wood based panel suitable for interior applications including joinery, furniture, built–in furniture, shelves and cupboards where the product will not be subject to high humidity.

Particleboard is available in the following thicknesses:

Thin 9 & 12mm
Medium 16 & 18mm
Thick 25 & 33mm

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Particleboard Flooring

Particleboard Flooring

Particleboard flooringParticleboard flooring is used in interior flooring applications in both residential and commercial projects and must be installed as per the requirements of AS1860 (Installation of Particleboard Flooring).
It can be used for a variety of framed building constructions including fitted floor, upper storey and platform construction as it provides major cost savings through its economy and through lighter construction allowing reduced foundation cost. Installation times are reduced since dry trades only are involved.

Particleboard Flooring is capable of withstanding general weathering for up to 3 months through the construction phase and it is recommended where possible to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and cyclic soaking rain as these conditions may alter the moisture gradient of the flooring and may cause dimensional change. The sheets are tongue and grooved and have a plastic tongue and the edges are coated with a wax edge seal to help minimise moisture up take.

Particleboard Flooring is available in both a Standard (non-termite treated) and Termite Treated options. It is available in a 19mm and 22mm thickness for residential applications and 25mm for commercial applications.

Sheet Dimensions Maximum Joist Spacing’s
3600 x 900 x 19mm .450mm
3600 x 1200 x 19mm .450mm
3600 x 900 x 22mm .600mm
3600 x 1200 x 22mm .600mm
3600 x 600 x 25mm .600mm



MelamineMelamine is the ideal product for shelving, kitchen and laundry cupboards, bathroom vanities, cupboard doors, wardrobes, domestic and commercial furniture and TV cabinets.

Low Pressure Melamine (LPM) is manufactured by mixing Melamine resins with paper overlays which are pressed on to Particleboard and MDF substrates.  Melamine offers an extensive range of colours, patterns and woodgrain solutions in a variety of finishes.  Melamine is extremely economical when compared to veneered board.

Melamine Display

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ParticleBoard-MDFM&B is a major supplier of Panel and Plywood products to the Perth and regional WA building and construction industry.

MDF is made from pine timber which is shredded down into tiny wood fibres. These wood fibres are mixed with resins and then pressed together forming a Medium Density Fibreboard commonly known as MDF. MDF can be manufactured with either a standard or MR Glue line.

MDF is to be used in non-structural applications and should not be exposed to damp conditions or high humidity due to expansion and contraction of the board.

MDF is ideal for interior applications and has excellent machining and routing properties. MDF is commonly used in detailed joinery, lacquered furniture, furniture mouldings, skirtings and architraves, built–in furniture, shelves, wall linings and partitions. MDF is also the perfect substrate or laminating and veneering.

MDF is available in the following thicknesses:

Thin 3.0 / 4.75 / 6 & 9mm
Medium 12 / 16 & 18mm
Thick 25 & 32mm

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Masonite Products

Masonite Products

Hardboard & Softboard

Panel MasoniteHardboard is an environmentally friendly timber based panel product. It is commonly referred to as “Masonite”, and is manufactured from sawmill waste and forest thinning’s which are broken down into wood fibres and bonded together with natural occurring wood glues (Lignins) eliminating the need for synthetic resins.

Masonite has good dimensional stability, is very durable and has excellent machining and working properties.  As it has no grain or knots it will not easily split or splinter. It can be easily shaped or moulded, has excellent nailability and high internal bond strength for glueing.

Masonite is the ideal product for draw bottoms, door skins, flooring underlay, work benches, cupboard door backing, wall and ceiling linings and storage solutions.


Masonite Technical Spec Sheet

Tempered Masonite

Tempered Masonite has good dimensional stability, is very durable and has excellent machining and working properties.  It can be easily shaped and has good impact resistance and paints well.

Tempered Masonite’s main difference over Standard Masonite is that it has superior qualities of hardness and water resistance.


  • Stage floors
  • Applications were moisture resistance is required
  • Cupboard door backings
  • Ceiling and wall linings
  • Temporary window repairs
  • Shop fitting
  • Storage solutions
Thickness Sheet Dimensions
4.8mm 1830, 2440* x 1220
6.4mm 2745 x 1220

*Nominates stock held at M&B

Whitecote Masonite

Whitecote Masonite has been pre-finished with a factory applied high quality white water based paint finish.


  • Cupboards drawers
  • Wardrobe Cabinet backings
  • Doors and partitions
  • Displays and signboards
Thickness Sheet Dimensions
3.2mm 2440, 2745 x 1220 & 2745 x 762

STD Masonite

Masonite has good dimensional stability, is very durable and has excellent machining and working properties.  It can be easily shaped and has good impact resistance and paints well.


  • Cupboard door backings
  • Ceiling and wall linings
  • Temporary window repairs
  • Shopfitting
  • Storage solutions
Thickness Sheet Dimensions
3.2mm 1830, 2440*, 2745, 3660 x 1220
4.8mm 2440*, 2745, 3660 x 1220

*Nominates stock line held at M&B


Masonite Softboard commonly referred to as “Pin Up Board” is a low density fibre board and comes painted white.


  • Notice boards
  • Office partitioning
  • Display boards
  • Insulation ceiling board
Thickness Sheet Dimensions
13mm 1830, 2440 x 1220

Primed Tempered Masonite

Primed Tempered Masonite is prominently used for door skins where a high quality paint finish is required. Primecote Tempered Masonite should only be used in semi exposed areas.


  • Internal Door skins
  • Semi exposed external doors
  • Wall sheeting
Thickness Sheet Dimensions
3.2mm various sizes
4.8mm various sizes

Peg Board

Pegboard is the ideal storage solution for residential, retail and shop fitting applications. Pegboard has a smooth pre –primed surface which has been perforated in square or diamond patters to take shelf hooks.


  • Storage solutions – sheds, workshops, display stands
  • Acoustics
  • Ceiling and wall linings
  • Shop fitting
Thickness Sheet Dimensions
3.2mm 1830 x 915 (Square Pattern)
4.8mm 1830, 2745 x 1220 (Diamond Pattern)

Flooring Underclay

Masonite flooring underlay is recommended by vinyl flooring manufactures as the preferred subfloor substrate as it complies to the Australian Standards for resilient flooring.

Masonite flooring underlay is easy to handle and cut, has great stapling capabilities and minimise subfloor movement.


  • Timber floors
  • Concrete slabs
  • Particleboard flooring
  • Plywood flooring

Subfloor base for all flooring surfaces

Thickness Sheet Dimensions
5.0mm 1220 x 915 (5 sheets per bundle)

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Imprint Acoustics



Imprint Acoustics is a division of the GDK Group.

The GDK Group is a manufacturer of acoustic paneling, timber wall and ceiling panels & customised design finishes based in Sydney, Australia. With 30 years experience, GDK manufactures, delivers and installs joinery and architectural components products nationwide.

Imprint Acoustics panels enhance the interior through effective sound management with an extensive range of finishes available. And now we have new designs from the Australian Aboriginal Art initiative – Jumbana . . . . see the last six designs below

Why choose Imprint Acoustics

  • Range and expertise to suit any budget
  • Manufactured in Australia to the highest international standards
  • Minimal lead times and site work required, contributing to consistent and economical returns for your project
  • Design flexibility and range offering maximum acoustic and finish options
  • Custom sizes additional to the standard ranges furthering the design potential
  • Environmentally certified
  • Ease of cleaning and on-going maintenance.


  • Individual CAD drawings and detailing for each product
  • Current certified acoustic performance data from industry leading acoustic engineers
  • Worldwide warranty
  • Global servicing and technical assistance
  • Order tracking
  • Referencing of your individual designs for future usage.

Wall Panel Application

  • Compliments the built environment through clean lines and aesthetic finishes available in a range of colours including customised finishes, shapes and orientations.
  • Through our advanced manufacturing processes, we design installation solutions for each product to ensure that final site installation is simple and efficient, helping reduce site costs.

Ceiling Panel Application

  • Compliments the built environment through clean lines and aesthetic finishes that brighten and ‘open up’ the indoor space
  • Easy installation method which provides considerable site installation cost savings

Ceiling Tile Application

  • Manufactured to suit existing grid system with options to allow for customised service cutouts, you can now have dynamic solutions that surpass design and build limitations


  • Laminate: Imprint Acoustics offers a smorgasbord of laminate solid and creative colour options for your panels to achieve a wide range of desired finishes.
  • Natural: Imprint Acoustics natural finishes utilise the true grain of our plywood substrates to provide your indoor environment the aesthetic look of nature itself
  • Polyurethane: Available in a range of diverse high-quality colour finishes, when you want your indoor environment to shine
  • Veneer: Imprint Acoustics veneer utilises the latest international technology to provide high quality veneer & manufactured veneer alternatives to provide authentic finishes and looks
  • Custom Colouring : Your imagination is the only limit to our custom colour finishes. Plain coloured, textured, dynamic, our sister brand Imprint Street will take your idea and furnish your design on any Acoustic Wall or Ceiling product. Whether it be a company logo, work of art or a photograph, any acoustic wall or ceiling panel can have its surface finished with your creation.