Innowood Premium Lining


M&B Premium Lining

M&B Premium Lining, manufactured by INNOWOOD, is a composite timber product with up to 70% wood waste. The unique composition is 100% recyclable, making it one of the top environmentally green products and an innovative sustainable timber alternative, adding warmth and style while enhancing aesthetic appeal. Available in four contemporary colours – its low maintenance, durability and cost effectiveness make it the perfect solution for coastal areas.

M&B Premium Linings offer the ideal solution for any commercial or residential application. Not only do they create instant sophistication as an architectural feature, but they also have a high acoustic performance rating for the ultimate sound quality and external noise reduction capabilities. Designed specifically for out of weather use (not exposed to direct rain or sunlight), they are suitable for use as a ceiling lining in alfresco areas or indoors as a ceiling or wall lining.

Our Premium Lining uses a tongue and grooved design, creating a clean finish with uniform joints but without any visible fixings.

M&B Premium Lining comes pre-finished and utilises the latest technology to imitate a natural wood grain structure. The product line includes a matching trim and is available in the following colours:


• For out of weather use only

• Residential applications

• Commercial applications

• Health/Aged care facilities

• Educational institutions

• Hospitality sector

• Retail & shopping centres

• Can be used as a ceiling or wall lining


• Lightweight and durable

• Fire and water resistant

• Natural timber look and feel

• Adds warmth and style

• Enhances aesthetic appeal

• Variety of colours

• Fungus and mould resistant

• Environmentally friendly product

• Acoustic and thermal benefits

• Can be orientated horizontally and vertically

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Decorative plywood panelling for walls & ceilings

Endurapanel® is a unique plywood panelling system that can be used to enhance any living space. Endurapanel® achieves the appearance of a traditional slat wall or ceiling but with easier installation and a 7 year coating warranty.

Applications include

  • Balcony ceilings
  • Alfresco ceilings
  • Home theatre rooms
  • Internal feature walls & ceilings
  • Exterior facades
  • Restaurant ceilings

Beautifully built. Built to last.

Manufactured with the highest quality Hoop Pine exterior plywood, Endurapanel® is finished with a unique coating system that protects against fungi and rot. Backed by a 7 year warranty, Endurapanel® will continue to look good for many years to come.

Create the perfect look with Endurapanel®

  • Create a seamless look making use of the tongue and grooved ends.
  • Make a feature of the joins choosing either a ‘slim line’ or ‘bold’ cover strip.

Acoustic Endurapanel®

ceilingModern homes typically combine open plan living areas with timber and tiled floors, causing unwanted noise travel. Acoustic Endurapanel® solves this common problem by way of excellent sound absorption properties, with the added benefit of creating a beautiful feature in any home. Sound travels through the perforations in the panel and into the insulation, absorbing unwanted noise and echo.

Acoustic Endurapanel® is also perfect for alfresco areas, balcony ceilings, restaurants, and shop fitouts.

Easy Installation

Endurapanel® has been designed with easy installation in mind. All components are factory finished, allowing large areas to be covered in just a single day.

7 year warranty

Endurapanel® is backed by a 7 year coating warranty, ensuring an attractive and high quality appearance for many years to come. See the Endurapanel Warranty for more information.

Range of Colours

Endurapanel® is available in fantastic range of colours:

Ariaply colour range

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Ariaply header

Ariaply logoDecorative plywood panel for walls & ceilings

ariaply is a factory finished plywood feature panel that is ready to install.  Perfect for ceilings, soffits and internal walls, it is available in 6 attractive colours to suit any project. Made from high quality exterior Hoop Pine plywood, ariaply is a premium product throughout, finished with a unique 3 coat system that provides both good looks and durability.

ariaply-2ariaply is the smart choice for wall and ceiling linings.  Not only is installation quick and easy, but you will have the confidence of a consistent quality and finish that can only be provided by a trusted manufacturer with 90 years in the industry.

Fully manufactured in Australia, ariaply is backed by a 25 year bond warranty and a 7 year coating warranty.  Choose ariaply for your next project and have the peace of mind that it will look good now, and for many years to come.

Colours Natural Hoop, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Walnut, Jarrah, Ebony
Bond A- Bond
Emissions Super E0
Standard  AS/NZS 2271 – 2004
Thicknesses 9.5, 12.5mm
Dimensions 2400 x 1200mm
Warranty 7 year coating warranty

Range of Colours

Ariaply is available in fantastic range of colours:

  • Natural Hoop
  • Spotted Gum
  • Walnut
  • Blackbutt
  • Jarrah
  • Ebony

Ariaply colour range




Accoya Feb16Accoya is the future of timber.

Imagine a solid wood that is sourced from fast-growing sustainable forests, has zero toxicity and provides dimensional stability and durability that exceeds even the best tropical hardwoods.

Imagine a wood that can replace increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods, treated woods and less sustainable materials in new and existing outdoor applications. Imagine a wood that will act as a better carbon sink during its extended life span and can be safely recycled at the end. Such a wood exists. It is Accoya® wood: the world’s leading high technology wood.


  • Non-toxic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Perfect for coating
  • Uv resistant
  • Insect barrier
  • Machinability
  • Consistent quality throughout
  • From sustainable sources
  • Dimensional stability
  • Long lasting
  • Retained strength & hardness





Exterior wall cladding & timber weatherboards

Features and benefits

  • Easy to install: one person required for installation, not brittle and will not crack.
  • Easy to cut using standard woodworking tools
  • 100% natural: 97% natural timber and 3% natural wax.
  • Low maintenance: on average, repainting is required every 15 years.
  • Warranty: not to rot, split or crack for 25 years
  • Longevity: natural Australian timber, made to last.

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James Hardie

James Hardie


James Hardie is an international building product manufacturer and a global leader in fibre reinforced cement.

Product for External Cladding
  • Scyon Stria cladding
  • Scyon Matrix cladding
  • Scyon Linea weatherboard
  • Scyon Axon cladding
  • PrimeLine weatherboard
  • PanelClad sheet
  • and many more

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INNOWOOD is a composite timber product with up to 70% wood waste. Its unique composition, totally recyclable with a low carbon footprint, makes INNOWOOD one of the top environmentally green products, and an innovative sustainable timber alternative.


  • Composite of 70% waste wood
  • Low maintenance
  • Water resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Available in different colours
  • 100% Recyclable


  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Won’t rot, split or stain
  • Can be colour matched
  • Non toxic
  • Great for coastal areas

INNOWOOD facade panels and curved roof design at Wildlife Sydney Zoo complex

INNOWOOD facade panels and curved roof design at Wildlife Sydney Zoo complex

ShadowClad (Plywood CCH)

ShadowClad (Plywood CCH)

ShadowClad (Plywood CCH)

ShadowClad is a sustainable, stylish and versatile plywood cladding suitable for outdoor and internal applications. It is a cost effective alternative to standard wall cladding.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use – lightweight
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Cost effective
  • Pre-finished
  • Can be curved
  • Use for dual cladding, bracing and internal lining
  • H3 treated against mould and termites
  • Available FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ certified upon request for Green Star credits


Endurapanel (Non acoustic version for external)

Endurapanel (Non acoustic version for external)

EndurapanelENDURAPANEL® is a unique plywood panelling system that can be used to enhance any living space.




Fibre Cement

Fibre Cement

james-External Cladding

Fibre Cement

Fibre Reinforced Cement (FRC), or simply fibre cement, is a popular building material developed by James Hardie.


This products are a mixture of:

  • Cellulose fibre, from plantation-grown Radiata Pine trees
  • Portland Cement
  • Sand
  • Water


Why choose Fibre Cement?

  • Stylish and Versatile
  • Durable and Low Maintenance
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Increased Speed of Construction
  • Space Maximisation

BGC Fibre Cement Cladding

BGC fibre-cement-cladding

M&B Sales is proud to supply BGC Fibre Cement products. BGC fibre cement is extremely versatile. It is used in all forms of building and construction. Dimensionally stable, BGC fibre cement building boards and products are also tremendously flexible, with no loss of the inherent qualities for which fibre cement is so highly regarded.