Accoya Feb16Accoya is the future of timber.

Imagine a solid wood that is sourced from fast-growing sustainable forests, has zero toxicity and provides dimensional stability and durability that exceeds even the best tropical hardwoods.

Imagine a wood that can replace increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods, treated woods and less sustainable materials in new and existing outdoor applications. Imagine a wood that will act as a better carbon sink during its extended life span and can be safely recycled at the end. Such a wood exists. It is Accoya® wood: the world’s leading high technology wood.


  • Non-toxic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Perfect for coating
  • Uv resistant
  • Insect barrier
  • Machinability
  • Consistent quality throughout
  • From sustainable sources
  • Dimensional stability
  • Long lasting
  • Retained strength & hardness

Timber Decking

Timber Decking

Timber Decking

M&B understand that in today’s environmentally conscious world, consumers want to know that the decking they choose is not only a quality product but comes from responsibly managed resources.  With this in mind, you are assured that M&B decking timbers are sourced only from timber producers who use sustainable and responsible forestry practices such as M&B sister company Nannup Timber Processing (NTP).


  • Timber is the perfect way to create stylish outdoor living and entertainment areas
  • Natural timber creates an attractive finish
  • Timber is a wonderful alternative to paving as it does not retain summer heat
  • Adaptable for simple or elaborate designs
  • Very easy to handle and simple to build
  • Hides eyesores such as old paving or cracked slab concrete
  • Covers large areas quickly

Types of Timber Decking

Merbau Decking


Pine decking

Pine decking



  • Can be stained to any colour
  • Stands up to fully exposed applications – not recommended for use around pools and spas
  • Termite resistant
  • Size – 90mm x 22mm – random lengths
  • Great value

Fixing & Maintenance

  • Top fixing only using quality decking screws (65mm – 10-12 gauge) – M&B does not recommend nails
  • Requires adequate ventilation, ground clearance and drainage
  • Requires oiling before installation – minimum of two coats
  • Requires continual maintenance and oiling to prevent moisture uptake and damage


Batu Decking

Batu Decking

batu decking


  • Rich colour and beautiful textured finish
  • Suitable in exposed areas when well maintained – not suitable for use around pools and spas
  • size – 90mm x 19mm – random lengths

Fixing & Maintenance

  • Requires strict ongoing maintenance and oiling to prevent cracking and splintering – minimum twice per year for exposed areas
  • Must be oiled on all sides prior to installation
  • Top fix only using quality decking screws (65mm – 10-12 gauge) – M&B do not recommend the use of nails
  • Standard lengths not available
  • Requires ventilation, ground clearance and drainage


Merbau Decking

Merbau Decking

Merbau Decking


  • Fire retardant timber – prefferred timber in Bush Fire Attack areas
  • Very durable
  • Suitable for exposed areas when properly maintained
  • Low moisture uptake
  • Minimal expansion compared to other timbers
  • Resistant to splintering
  • Highly resistant to termites
  • Suitable for use around pools and spas – beware of tannin bleed in these applications
  • Good colour restoration after oiling
  • Sizes – 90mm x 19mm – random lengths / 140mm x 19mm – random lengths

Fixing & Maintenance

  • Ongoing maintenance and oiling required – especially for exposed decks
  • Must be oiled on all sides prior to installation – minimum two coats
  • Must be oiled at least once per year – twice per year for exposed decks
  • Deck wash should be used prior to oiling to remove tannin bleed – common after the deck becomes wet
  • Requires ventilation, ground clearance and drainage
  • Top fixing required – M&B recommend quality decking screws (65mm – 10-12 gauge)


Jarrah Decking

Jarrah Decking


  • Beautiful natural attributes in the timber – gum pockets, vain and surface blemishes, adding texture and character to your deck
  • Hardwood suitable for alfresco and covered areas
  • Sourced from sustainable forests
  • Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certified products
  • Termite resistant

Fixing & Maintenance

  • Requires regular oiling to maintain look and finish – minimum once per year for covered spaces, and 3-4 times per year if exposed
  • Requires adequate ventilation, ground clearance and drainage
  • Top fixing by quality decking screws (65mm – 10-12 gauge) – M&B do not recommend top fixing with nails
  • Sizes – 135mm x 20mm – random lengths;  86mm x 20mm – random lengths

Useful Links


eJarrah Decking – eDeck

  • Jarrah eDeck

M&B introduces our innovative “WATERSHED” decking profile. Manufactured from sustainably harvested PEFC* Jarrah timber, these engineered, finger jointed decking boards are available in two widths – 90mm and 135mm. With set lengths of 2.7m and 5.4m installation time for the DIY enthusiast or Tradesman is reduced thus reducing costs. All boards are Standard & Better grade and an increased thickness to the European standard of 21mm, improves their strength and longevity.

The Watershed profile features a slight convex camber on the decking board face which naturally sheds excess water reducing unsightly pooling and the potential to slip on your deck. This assists stability, minimizes cupping and increases the potential life of the timber. The underside of the decking board has a recess to facilitate airflow between the decking board and joist to minimize trapped moisture and further reduce the risk of timber degredation.

Another key feature is all eDeck boards come pre-oiled with a water based exterior oil. This further saves cost (in terms of time) and guarantees an even coating overall which is necessary for timber to perform at it’s best in an outdoor environment. Additionally the final top coat can have a tint to change the colour depending on customers’ preference.

The adhesive for the join is environmentally friendly (MSDS/LINK) and bonds the timber seamlessly with a neat line as opposed to the conventional 4 screws required when site fixing. Another exceptional benefit of this process is a significant reduction in tension along the length of a solid board which improves stability and reduces movement within your decking board through the change of seasons.

Coating & Treatments

In addition to our eDeck boards being pre-oiled, M&B is also able to offer a coating surface to provide our customers with a choice of various superior quality, factory applied, colour stains/tints. We have included a sample of our most popular colours alongside, however we have many other options available. Please ask in store for details on our extensive range of coatings and timber treatments.

Why use eDeck

  • Manufactured from sustainably sourced Jarrah
  • Set lengths available
  • Up to 5400mm lengths which means less joining
  • Two widths available
  • Pre-oiled, thus reducing installation time and costs
  • Profile allows deck to shed surface water naturally
  • Underside recess facilitates airflow
  • Environmentally friendly adhesive on finger joins

Fixing & Maintenance

  • Requires ongoing maintenance and oiling depending on level of exposure – not recommended for use in exposed areas
  • Requires adequate ventilation, ground clearance (min 300mm) and drainage
  • Top fixing should use quality decking screws (65mm – 10-12 gauge) – M&B does not recommend nails
  • Sizes:
    90mm x 21mm x 2.7/5.4m
    135mm x 21mm x 2.7/5.4m


ModWood logoModWood is the original manufacturer of wood plastic composites and is Australian manufactured and owned. ModWood is a composite timber decking product. It is made from 90% recycled and reclaimed environmentally friendly materials.

How is it Made?

Made from recycled wood and plastic, ModWood products are wood composites. They look and feel like natural timber, but require none of the maintenance of traditional woods. You will not need to paint or stain our products since they already come in a range of colours. The brushed or natural finish option provides style and practical use considerations, so ask us about the best type for your application.

Benefits of ModWood

  • High degree of UV stability
  • High resistant to extreme weather
  • Moisture and termite resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • ModWood will outperform conventional timbers. Most profiles have a high ‘Anti-slip Rating’ R11.
  • Won’t rot, crack, warp or splinter (so long as installed and used as recommended)
  • Revolutionise the look & feel of outdoor areas.
  • Highly versatile
  • Blends with any architectural style
  • Available as decking, marina board, screening and for commercial application

Fixing and Maintenance

  • It is recommended ModWood decking be cleaned regularly to maintain the natural look and avoid staining from foreign substances.
  • Furniture should be rubber soled to avoid scratching or wearing of the deck
  • Fixing by secret fix or top fix
  • 450mm joist spacing

ModWood Colors

ModWood colors

ModWood Sizes

88 x 23 x 5.4        Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum

137 x 23 x 5.4      Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum R11

137 x 23 x 5.4      Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum R11 Flame Shield

137 x 32 x 4.2      Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum R11 Marina Board

68 x 17 x 4.8        Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum Mini Board Smooth


millboard logoMillboard is a premium and unique decking product. Millboard offers the natural look of timber with additional benefits ensuring your decking is ultra low maintenance and exceptionally durable.  Beautifully aged yet utterly timeless, our handcrafted Weathered Oak collection is moulded from 100-year old reclaimed oak timber, creating a distinctive worn look – without the wait. Inspired by the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, where timber’s surface is burned to create a striking and long-lasting finish, our Carbonised collection combines practicality with raw beauty. Choose from a smoother, charred look or dramatic embered effect. Moulded from smooth timber for a textured look and feel, our Enhanced Grain collection recreates the subtle nuances that only natural wood can give. Each of the five shades showcases the grain beautifully.

Why choose Millboard?

  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Highly anti-slip in the wet – R11 rating
  • Does not rot, warp or splinter
  • UV weather stable
  • Resistant to food and drink stains
  • Intricate natural wood-grain detail
  • Easy ‘Hidden screw head’ stainless steel fixing
  • Wide choice of designs and colours
  • 25 Year Residential Warranty  (10 Year for Commercial installations)

Best of it’s made from a blend of recycled material that make use of hard-to-use waste and reclaimed natural minerals, helping to reduce landfills and lessening the impact of deforestation in the world forests. Finally like all Millboard products the unique Lastane material allows installation to be easier with the material closing over holes and fixings. Download Millboard Colours and Profiles Download now from Download Center!

millboard-bullnose-exampleBullnose Step Edge

The Millboard product range is moulded from prime oak samples, allowing them to copy the beautiful qualities of original timber. Each board is hand-finished to reproduce the detail of natural wood with minimum repetition. With an integral half round nosing moulded on the edge, the bullnose step edge provides a simple finish for step situations or to neatly cap the edges of you decking area to create a softer edged environment.

Weathered Grain MillboardWeathered Grain

The Millboard weathered decking bards will allow you to add a characterful worn look to a design. These charming boards, available in three colours (Driftwood, Vintage Oak and Carbonised Emberred) allow you to create areas of beauty, having been moulded from hand-picked antique oak boards of over 100 years old. These harmonise perfectly in either contemporary or traditional settings.

Golden-Oak-EnhancedGrainEnhanced Grain

Grain The Millboard product range is moulded from prime oak samples, allowing them to copy the beautiful qualities of original timber. Each board is hand-finished to reproduce the detail of natural wood with minimum repetition. With its smoother wood-grain finish the Millboard enhanced grain collection, available in five colours will help add style and elegance to any project. Whether it is the contemporary inside/outside look, alfresco room or the classical deck, the Enhanced Grain range will add a unique look to any project.


Edging One way to make sure that the end result of your Millboard Composite Decking is neat and tidy is to invest in decorative fascia boards, as these result in a seamless finish every time. The decorative edging adds a finishing touch that could really enhance your project, by hiding away the underneath which can look out of place compared to the stunning decking installed above. This product is great for multi-layered decking whether it is at your domestic property or within a commercial environment.

Installing Millboard – How to Video




JamesHardie-logoIntroducing the HardieDeck™ system the new breed in decking.

Living is easy with HardieDeck™. Defined by clean, modern lines and built to withstand the demands of the Australian outdoors, HardieDeck™ gives you the chance to enjoy life, rather than work on your deck.

Made for your climate  HardieDeck™ enhances outdoor living in Australian conditions from country to coast, tropical rainforests to urban areas. Use it to give an old deck a new life, or create a brand new outdoor room, pool surround, balcony, sundeck, boardwalk or stunning entrance for your home.

Modern good looks  Its distinctive broad architectural profile turns heads and makes it a stunning addition to modern or traditional homes alike.

Low maintenance Your deck is the perfect place to spend time outdoors with family and friends. The HardieDeck™ system is low maintenance and ‘low worry’, so you can enjoy a great looking deck, without the usual hard work.

Safe and solid underfoot  This is a robust new breed of decking, made from the same stuff used in building projects throughout the world. It’s securely fixed, giving it a sturdy feel and making it smooth to walk on, with no splinters or nails to get in your way.

Robust durability HardieDeck™ is tough and hard wearing – fire, water and termite resistant†, backed by a 10 year warranty ensuring you’ll enjoy the outdoors for many years to come. † When installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.

There’s nothing fake about HardieDeck™  Inspired by the practical benefits and timeless look of boat deck caulking, it has been engineered to perform all year round. The Australian elements can be unforgiving, but HardieDeck™ offers you a real solution and real benefits. With its head-turning style and a fully decked-out list of features, HardieDeck™ makes the great outdoors great. A modern, structural decking system, HardieDeck™ gives you the perfect mix of form and function.

Clean Lines, Extra Wide   Clean lines, an extra wide 196mm board and an extensive range of colour options makes designing your outdoor living space with HardieDeck™ a joy. Using the patent pending ‘Fast-track’ fixing system, each HardieDeck™ board is attached through a clever concealed fixing process that allows the surface to remain beautifully smooth and safe to walk on (no splinters or nails sticking up), just like an indoor floorboard. This is, after all, an outside ‘room’. The specially designed edge pieces create a professional finish. So, traditionally, what was once a time-consuming process, has been revolutionised. HardieDeck™ is also compatible with a wide range of patterns and finishes to give your outdoor space the perfect look and feel.

Some features

  •  Bushfire Approved BAL-FZ
  • 10 Year System Warranty
  • Resistant to Rotting
  • Resistant to Moisture Damage
  • Resistant to Termites