millboard logoMillboard is a premium and unique decking product. Millboard offers the natural look of timber with additional benefits ensuring your decking is ultra low maintenance and exceptionally durable.  Beautifully aged yet utterly timeless, our handcrafted Weathered Oak collection is moulded from 100-year old reclaimed oak timber, creating a distinctive worn look – without the wait. Inspired by the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, where timber’s surface is burned to create a striking and long-lasting finish, our Carbonised collection combines practicality with raw beauty. Choose from a smoother, charred look or dramatic embered effect. Moulded from smooth timber for a textured look and feel, our Enhanced Grain collection recreates the subtle nuances that only natural wood can give. Each of the five shades showcases the grain beautifully.

Why choose Millboard?

  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Highly anti-slip in the wet – R11 rating
  • Does not rot, warp or splinter
  • UV weather stable
  • Resistant to food and drink stains
  • Intricate natural wood-grain detail
  • Easy ‘Hidden screw head’ stainless steel fixing
  • Wide choice of designs and colours
  • 25 Year Residential Warranty  (10 Year for Commercial installations)

Best of it’s made from a blend of recycled material that make use of hard-to-use waste and reclaimed natural minerals, helping to reduce landfills and lessening the impact of deforestation in the world forests. Finally like all Millboard products the unique Lastane material allows installation to be easier with the material closing over holes and fixings. Download Millboard Colours and Profiles Download now from Download Center!

millboard-bullnose-exampleBullnose Step Edge

The Millboard product range is moulded from prime oak samples, allowing them to copy the beautiful qualities of original timber. Each board is hand-finished to reproduce the detail of natural wood with minimum repetition. With an integral half round nosing moulded on the edge, the bullnose step edge provides a simple finish for step situations or to neatly cap the edges of you decking area to create a softer edged environment.

Weathered Grain MillboardWeathered Grain

The Millboard weathered decking bards will allow you to add a characterful worn look to a design. These charming boards, available in three colours (Driftwood, Vintage Oak and Carbonised Emberred) allow you to create areas of beauty, having been moulded from hand-picked antique oak boards of over 100 years old. These harmonise perfectly in either contemporary or traditional settings.

Golden-Oak-EnhancedGrainEnhanced Grain

Grain The Millboard product range is moulded from prime oak samples, allowing them to copy the beautiful qualities of original timber. Each board is hand-finished to reproduce the detail of natural wood with minimum repetition. With its smoother wood-grain finish the Millboard enhanced grain collection, available in five colours will help add style and elegance to any project. Whether it is the contemporary inside/outside look, alfresco room or the classical deck, the Enhanced Grain range will add a unique look to any project.


Edging One way to make sure that the end result of your Millboard Composite Decking is neat and tidy is to invest in decorative fascia boards, as these result in a seamless finish every time. The decorative edging adds a finishing touch that could really enhance your project, by hiding away the underneath which can look out of place compared to the stunning decking installed above. This product is great for multi-layered decking whether it is at your domestic property or within a commercial environment.

Installing Millboard – How to Video


ModWood logoModWood is a composite timber decking product.

ModWood is the original manufacturer of wood plastic composites and is Australian manufactured and owned.

It is made from 90% recycled and reclaimed environmentally friendly materials.

How is it Made?

Made from recycled wood and plastic, our products are wood composites. They look and feel like natural timber, but require none of the maintenance of traditional woods. You will not need to paint or stain our products since they already come in a range of colours and will maintain their beauty for years to come.

Benefits of ModWood

  • High degree of UV stability
  • High resistant to extreme weather
  • Moisture and termite resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • ModWood will outperform conventional timbers. Most designs have high ‘Anti-slip Rating’ R11.
  • Won’t rot, crack, warp or splinter (so long as installed and used as recommended)
  • Revolutionise the look & feel of outdoor areas.
  • Highly versatile
  • Blends with any architectural style
  • Available as decking, marina board, screening and commercial application

Fixing and Maintenance

  • It is recommended ModWood decking be cleaned regularly to maintain the natural look and avoid staining from foreign substances.
  • Furniture should be rubber soled to avoid scratching or wearing of the deck
  • Fixing by secret fix or top fix
  • 450mm joist spacing

ModWood Colors

ModWood colors

ModWood Sizes

88 x 23 x 5.4        Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum

137 x 23 x 5.4      Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum R11

137 x 23 x 5.4      Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum R11 Flame Shield

137 x 32 x 4.2      Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum R11 Marina Board

68 x 17 x 4.8        Black Bean/Jarrah/Sahara/Silver Gum Mini Board Smooth

Elements doors


M&B-LogoM&B Elements Fibreglass Door

M&B Elements (Fibreglass) doors are designed specifically for exposed areas and WA conditions and are more durable than timber doors, and can be exposed to the weather.

M&B Elements doors can be used where overhead protection cannot be achieved.

Features and Benefits

  • Popular Styles
  • Builder’s design & request 2004
  • In market in WA since 2006 after 2 years R&D
  • Fit for purpose
  • 10 year warranty
  • Extremely durable – perfect for weather exposed areas
  • Cost effective

M&B Elements Cooper


Entrance Doors


2040 x 820 x 40


M&B Elements Murray


Entrance Doors


2040 x 820 x 40


M&B Elements Swan

Pacific / Swan

Entrance Doors


2040 x 820 x 40


M&B Elements Torrens


Entrance Doors


2040 x 820 x 40


M&B Elements Weathercote

Weathercote (Flush)

Entrance Doors


2040 x 820 x 35


M&B Elements Yarra

Arctic/ Yarra

Entrance Doors


2040 x 820 x 40


M&B Elements Darling

Baltic / Darling

Entrance Doors


2040 x 820 x 40


M&B Elements Derwent

Panama / Derwent

Entrance Doors


2040 x 820 x 40


M&B Elements Caspian/Fitzroy

Caspian / Fitzroy 

Entrance Doors


2040 x 820 x 40


This is the usual  “External Door Protection Recommendation”

All major Australian timber door manufacturers warranty’s state:
“Timber Entrance Doors must be hung in weather protected areas. “Timber Doors that are installed in an exposed situation, including opening-out doors, will NOT be warranted unless there is adequate overhead protection.” (Refer to External Overhead Protection Chart.)”

Adequate overhead protection is most important for Timber Entrance & External doors.

BUT, M&B Elements doors can be used where overhead protection cannot be achieved.

Element Eco-Star Doors

Element Eco-StarFeatures and Benefits

  • Made of the same material as Elements fibreglass doors
  • But with a stylish stain-grade 1.2mm thick Meranti timber veneer
  • Extremely durable
  • Superior thermal efficiency
  • Double glazing
  • Improved acoustic integrity
  • Strength and durability of fibreglass skin
  • Polyurethane foam core
  • Wide door solution
  • Can be hinged or pivot
  • In correct M&B ‘beefy’ frame will seal well


Elements Corner Sample

6L available in: 2040 x 1200 x 40 / 2040 x 920 x 40 (Clear & translucent)
8L available in: 2340 x 1200 x 40 (Clear & translucent)
Elements Eco-Star door weights:
6L 1200 – 50.9kg
8L 1200 – 60.2kg


eJarrah-logoThe eJarrah range consists of structural and decorative engineered timber products.

eJarrah engineered hardwood timber features unique qualities, superior appearance, ease and flexibility of installation, versatility and a wide range of finishes.

eJarrah products are stable and have a beautiful smooth finish which is the result of the quality manufacturing process and precision machining. eJarrah engineered timber products are designed for those looking for an innovative, environmentally sound timber options.

Engineered to perfection

eJarrah is an engineered, precision machined hardwood timber product manufactured with a Class A adhesion join, providing superior strength and stability. eJarrah is available in the following product ranges:

eJarrah decking

Key Features

  • Premium decking of consistent quality
  • Available for secret fixing – using SOLA CLIP and top fixing profiles
  • Engineered precision machined to give strength and stability
  • Pre-oiled to minimise moisture uptake prior to installation
  • Termite resistant
  • Environmentally sustainable timber made from value adding shorts – AFS certified
  • Manufactured by M&B sister company Nannup Timber Processing (NTP)

Fixing & Maintenance

  • Requires ongoing maintenance and oiling depending on level of exposure – not recommended for use in exposed areas
  • Requires adequate ventilation, ground clearance (min 300mm) and drainage
  • Top fixing should use quality decking screws (65mm – 10-12 gauge) – M&B does not recommend nails
  • Sizes:
    65mm x 20mm x 3.6m (PR4E only)
    65mm x 20mm x 4.5m (PR4E only)
    85mm x 20mm x 3.6m
    85mm x 20mm x 4.5m

eJarrah Posts


eJarrah posts are available in a pre-oiled and paint grade product. See below table for information on sizes.

Product Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Lengths (m)
Pre-oiled 120 120 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 5.4
Paint Grade 120 120 2.4 / 2.7 / 3.0 / 3.6

eJarrah benchtops / worktops


eJarrah benchtops are available in Parquet (19mm layup) and Traditional (70mm layup) – see our selection of sizes in the tables below.


Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Lengths (m)
620 40 1.8 / 2.4 / 3.0 / 4.2 / 5.4


Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Lengths (m)
620 38 1.8 / 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 5.4
930 38 1.8 / 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6

eJarrah stair treads and stringers

eJarrah Stairs

eJarrah stair treads and stringers are available in Parquet (19mm layup) and Traditional (70mm layup) – see our selection of sizes in the tables below.


Products Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Lengths (m)
Stringer 310 35 2.4 / 3.6 / 5.4
Stair Tread 310 40 1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4 / 2.7 / 3.0 / 3.6


Products Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Lengths (m)
Treads / Stringer 310 38 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 5.4

eJarrah screening


An awesome product making the most of our great WA Jarrah timber from the limited annual supply via our own timber mill in Nannup.


  • Engineered precision machined Jarrah which is guaranteed to give superior strength and stability.
  • Manufactured by value adding wood waste + shorts producing a premium product
  • Jarrah meets the rigorous demands of the Australian Forestry Standard
  • eJarrah comes from independently certified, WA government managed, sustainable forests
  • Engineered – class A adhesion join
  • suitable for internal and external applications
  • sizes: 63 x 20mm – 2.7 / 3.6m lengths
, ,

Imprint Acoustics



Imprint Acoustics is a division of the GDK Group.

The GDK Group is a manufacturer of acoustic paneling, timber wall and ceiling panels & customised design finishes based in Sydney, Australia. With 30 years experience, GDK manufactures, delivers and installs joinery and architectural components products nationwide.

Imprint Acoustics panels enhance the interior through effective sound management with an extensive range of finishes available. And now we have new designs from the Australian Aboriginal Art initiative – Jumbana . . . . see the last six designs below

Why choose Imprint Acoustics

  • Range and expertise to suit any budget
  • Manufactured in Australia to the highest international standards
  • Minimal lead times and site work required, contributing to consistent and economical returns for your project
  • Design flexibility and range offering maximum acoustic and finish options
  • Custom sizes additional to the standard ranges furthering the design potential
  • Environmentally certified
  • Ease of cleaning and on-going maintenance.


  • Individual CAD drawings and detailing for each product
  • Current certified acoustic performance data from industry leading acoustic engineers
  • Worldwide warranty
  • Global servicing and technical assistance
  • Order tracking
  • Referencing of your individual designs for future usage.

Wall Panel Application

  • Compliments the built environment through clean lines and aesthetic finishes available in a range of colours including customised finishes, shapes and orientations.
  • Through our advanced manufacturing processes, we design installation solutions for each product to ensure that final site installation is simple and efficient, helping reduce site costs.

Ceiling Panel Application

  • Compliments the built environment through clean lines and aesthetic finishes that brighten and ‘open up’ the indoor space
  • Easy installation method which provides considerable site installation cost savings

Ceiling Tile Application

  • Manufactured to suit existing grid system with options to allow for customised service cutouts, you can now have dynamic solutions that surpass design and build limitations


  • Laminate: Imprint Acoustics offers a smorgasbord of laminate solid and creative colour options for your panels to achieve a wide range of desired finishes.
  • Natural: Imprint Acoustics natural finishes utilise the true grain of our plywood substrates to provide your indoor environment the aesthetic look of nature itself
  • Polyurethane: Available in a range of diverse high-quality colour finishes, when you want your indoor environment to shine
  • Veneer: Imprint Acoustics veneer utilises the latest international technology to provide high quality veneer & manufactured veneer alternatives to provide authentic finishes and looks
  • Custom Colouring : Your imagination is the only limit to our custom colour finishes. Plain coloured, textured, dynamic, our sister brand Imprint Street will take your idea and furnish your design on any Acoustic Wall or Ceiling product. Whether it be a company logo, work of art or a photograph, any acoustic wall or ceiling panel can have its surface finished with your creation.


Accoya Feb16Accoya is the future of timber.

Imagine a solid wood that is sourced from fast-growing sustainable forests, has zero toxicity and provides dimensional stability and durability that exceeds even the best tropical hardwoods.

Imagine a wood that can replace increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods, treated woods and less sustainable materials in Accoya 50 Yearnew and existing outdoor applications. Imagine a wood that will act as a better carbon sink during its extended life span and can be safely recycled at the end. Such a wood exists. It is Accoya® wood: the world’s leading high technology wood.

Accoya has a 50 Year above ground warranty and is even warranted for 25 years in ground or in fresh water.

This warranty applies to timber left to naturally grey (it will grey but not crack or deteriorate), or stained using the wide range of coloured WOCA or Intergrain / Cabots approved penetrating oils. And, if charred using the Japanese ‘Yakisugi’ or  ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ method, the warranty is extended to 80 years!

‘Yakisugi’ can look like this (lightly charred) or like this (crocodile skin) . . . and many looks in between.


  • Non-toxic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Perfect for coating
  • Uv resistant
  • Insect barrier
  • Machinability
  • Consistent quality throughout
  • From sustainable sources
  • Dimensional stability
  • Long lasting
  • Retained strength & hardness


Ariaply header

Ariaply logoDecorative plywood panel for walls & ceilings

ariaply is a factory finished plywood feature panel that is ready to install.  Perfect for ceilings, soffits and internal walls, it is available in 6 attractive colours to suit any project. Made from high quality exterior Hoop Pine plywood, ariaply is a premium product throughout, finished with a unique 3 coat system that provides both good looks and durability.

ariaply-2ariaply is the smart choice for wall and ceiling linings.  Not only is installation quick and easy, but you will have the confidence of a consistent quality and finish that can only be provided by a trusted manufacturer with 90 years in the industry.

Fully manufactured in Australia, ariaply is backed by a 25 year bond warranty and a 7 year coating warranty.  Choose ariaply for your next project and have the peace of mind that it will look good now, and for many years to come.

Colours Natural Hoop, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Walnut, Jarrah, Ebony
Bond A- Bond
Emissions Super E0
Standard  AS/NZS 2271 – 2004
Thicknesses 9.5, 12.5mm
Dimensions 2400 x 1200mm
Warranty 7 year coating warranty

Range of Colours

Ariaply is available in fantastic range of colours:

  • Natural Hoop
  • Spotted Gum
  • Walnut
  • Blackbutt
  • Jarrah
  • Ebony

Ariaply colour range




Decorative plywood panelling for walls & ceilings

Endurapanel® is a unique plywood panelling system that can be used to enhance any living space. Endurapanel® achieves the appearance of a traditional slat wall or ceiling but with easier installation and a 7 year coating warranty.

Applications include

  • Balcony ceilings
  • Alfresco ceilings
  • Home theatre rooms
  • Internal feature walls & ceilings
  • Restaurant ceilings

Beautifully built. Built to last.

Manufactured with the highest quality Hoop Pine exterior plywood, Endurapanel® is finished with a unique coating system that protects against fungi and rot. Backed by a 7 year warranty, Endurapanel® will continue to look good for many years to come.

Create the perfect look with Endurapanel®

  • Create a seamless look making use of the tongue and grooved ends.
  • Make a feature of the joins choosing either a ‘slim line’ or ‘bold’ cover strip.

Acoustic Endurapanel®

ceilingModern homes typically combine open plan living areas with timber and tiled floors, causing unwanted noise travel. Acoustic Endurapanel® solves this common problem by way of excellent sound absorption properties, with the added benefit of creating a beautiful feature in any home. Sound travels through the perforations in the panel and into the insulation, absorbing unwanted noise and echo.

Acoustic Endurapanel® is also perfect for alfresco areas, balcony ceilings, restaurants, and shop fitouts.

Easy Installation

Endurapanel® has been designed with easy installation in mind. All components are factory finished, allowing large areas to be covered in just a single day.

7 year warranty

Endurapanel® is backed by a 7 year coating warranty, ensuring an attractive and high quality appearance for many years to come. See the Endurapanel Warranty for more information.

Range of Colours

Endurapanel® is available in fantastic range of colours:

Ariaply colour range



innowood-logoINNOWOOD is a composite timber product with up to 70% wood waste. Its unique composition, totally recyclable with a low carbon footprint, makes INNOWOOD one of the top environmentally green products, and an innovative sustainable timber alternative.


  • Composite of 70% waste wood
  • Low maintenance
  • Water resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Available in different colours
  • 100% Recyclable


  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Won’t rot, split or stain
  • Can be colour matched
  • Non toxic
  • Great for coastal areas


Other profiles available by special volume order and extended delivery times would apply

Grooved (WC14025)

innowood grooved

Size (W x H mm)
140 x 25
Length (mm)
Coverage (mm)
Max span (mm)

Qube (CL16728)

qube innowood

Size (W x H mm)
167 x 28
Length (mm)
Coverage (mm)
Max span (mm)
Internal-450 soffit-300

Secret fix (FS05050)

secret-fix innowood

Size (W x H mm)
50 x 50
Length (mm)
Coverage (mm)
Max span (mm)

Shiplap (WC20025)

shiplap innowood

Size (W x H mm)
200 x 25
Length (mm)
Coverage (mm)
Max span (mm)


Please refer to the Innowood Website for the latest downloads:


Balustrading (Stair/Void/Balcony)


bwa-logoM&B Sales is proud to own Balustrading WA, the big mover in the Western Australian market for balustrading, staircases, privacy screens, pool fencing, fence and gate in-fills, external louvres and just about anything in stainless steel and glass.