Accoya Feb16Accoya is the future of timber.

Imagine a solid wood that is sourced from fast-growing sustainable forests, has zero toxicity and provides dimensional stability and durability that exceeds even the best tropical hardwoods.

Imagine a wood that can replace increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods, treated woods and less sustainable materials in Accoya 50 Yearnew and existing outdoor applications. Imagine a wood that will act as a better carbon sink during its extended life span and can be safely recycled at the end. Such a wood exists. It is Accoya® wood: the world’s leading high technology wood.

Accoya has a 50 Year above ground warranty and is even warranted for 25 years in ground or in fresh water.

This warranty applies to timber left to naturally grey (it will grey but not crack or deteriorate), or stained using the wide range of coloured WOCA or Intergrain / Cabots approved penetrating oils. And, if charred using the Japanese ‘Yakisugi’ or  ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ method, the warranty is extended to 80 years!

‘Yakisugi’ can look like this (lightly charred) or like this (crocodile skin) . . . and many looks in between.


  • Non-toxic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Perfect for coating
  • Uv resistant
  • Insect barrier
  • Machinability
  • Consistent quality throughout
  • From sustainable sources
  • Dimensional stability
  • Long lasting
  • Retained strength & hardness